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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Bienveníu! My name is Rachel but you can also call me Xinxane (sheen-shah-nay) or Sinjanía (seen-hah-NEE-ah). This blog is for documenting my travels, experiences, and research while I study abroad, but also serves a purpose to educate about the Vaqueiros, a nomadic pastoralist ethnic group native to Asturias and northern León from whom my mother's family descends, to the English speaking world, for the Vaqueiros are little-known outside Asturias and León.

In a week I'm leaving to Spain, to live in Toledo, but I plan to travel around Spain and travel to Albania, Bosnia, Greece, Finland (Sápmi), and Italy. It's possible I won't be able to get to every location or that some locations may change, but this is what I plan! I am also travelling to many brañas (traditional Vaqueiro settlements) in Vaqueiro Territory for my research. I am researching the history, land rights, architecture, ethnobotany, nomadism, archaeology, and endemic species of the brañas.

I will be trying my best to post all posts in both English and Spanish and will possibly add some posts in western Asturleonese. I am always interested in more research opportunities, working alongside other indigenous and nomadic peoples, and gaining more visibility for Vaqueiros! Feel free to leave me any questions or comments!

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